Picture the scene: It’s 2018, and a bunch of marketers had discovered their websites were losing conversions.

We scurry around, trying to uncover where the problems were. We tried everything to amend the dilemma, trialling all solutions, such as conversion rate optimisation tools and analytics programs.

Eventually, after endless coffees, frustrated clicks and a lack of sunlight, we were able to work out what was causing our website drop offs, but that’s the key word – ‘eventually’.

Why was it that it took hours and hours on end to work out the problems we had with our websites and not see them in a flash? If it took experienced marketers’ hours, then what about those elsewhere?

The curiosity got the better of us

We were spending millions on Facebook and native marketing. It was all about ROI, as we sold semi-web leads and we needed to see the issues on our websites much quicker and clearer. We found that other software solutions were far too manual.

So, we began to think from our own experience – companies that generate business online through their websites and landing pages lose money on their advertising and potential income, due to people not opting in on their order and enquiry forms.

This is due to people:

•           Not engaging with the content or filling out forms.

•           Experiencing errors on the page.

•           Becoming frustrated and hitting the back button on the company website

There are several tools we used on the market that provided website recordings and heat map solutions to help people understand how visitors behave on their website, BUT:

•    None of them informed us when our conversion rates had dropped.

•    It took hours to identify the exact issues that caused people to not opt in.

•    We needed a solution that informed us exactly when issues were occurring, why they were occurring and the specific areas that were costing us money.

They weren’t easy to use, most of them had complex interfaces and more importantly, they didn’t direct us to the heart of the website’s issues.

We decided from then on, to make something that everyone can use, from the individual to the large business.

The Dream – Fast. Fluent. Flawless.

All the conversion rate optimisation tools on the market we used were all very clever, they all did a lot of clever things – but overall, they weren’t really fit for purpose.

We wanted a tool that could perform all the functions of the other CRO tools on the market, but we wanted a very easy to use platform and automated integration. We needed a piece of software where it will notify you exactly when something’s wrong; so, when we are notified we can log in straight away and identify the page that’s contributing to the worst conversion rate, in a matter of seconds.

Something we could then click on one button and see all the issues that were causing the problems – such as, where people are dropping off the forms, where people are experiencing frustrations on the page and where there’re errors occurring on the pages that prevent them from opting in.

Research – Cracked Eggs and Burning Jars

The research then came into action, and we looked at the potential competitors extensively and found a lot of competitors were scarily similar:

Boiling point was reached with a tool such as Crazy Egg. For us, it had evident cracks – having only four features and a manual process involved in setting up heatmaps and recordings.

We had a hard time lifting the lid on where our page issues were with Hotjar, and when we eventually did, it spilt a ton of complicated analytics that bemused us.

A common theme across the other CRO options is that there is that your website conversion rate is nowhere to be seen
In our view, Mouseflow gave us statistics and fancy graphs, but didn’t give us the information we were desperate for.

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) didn’t stick to its meaning as you can’t even see your forms! And FullStory wasn’t… well… the ‘full story’. We couldn’t access heatmaps on a free plan and even for $849 per-month they don’t even sends alerts to the users. (Flo Panda offers this with free plans).

Off the back of this, we thought long and hard over countless lunches, calls and late-night meetings to come up with a tool that possesses EIGHT key features we know you will need if you’re a business owner or marketer who is serious about making money.

The Features – pace, power and simplicity

We thought long and hard about how we can give the marketer or business the maximum chance of increasing ROI and improving their website in the simplest way possible.


With our dashboard, we’ve taken simplicity to another level.

Login, and bosh… your website conversion rate is in plain sight, along with your total visits, form interactions, form submits and top/lowest converting pages.

Why scavenge through pages on pages of recordings to find issues? Sometimes it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Flo Panda automatically puts forward the pages that give you the most conversions, and what pages needs improving, as soon as you enter the dashboard.

The design is simple – yet immersive, clear, crisp and easy to read. Don’t worry though, we’ve buried all the graph stuff at the bottom, so we won’t bore you with complex lines and bars.

This is the information, we believe, that you need to see. What elements of your page are causing most people to leave your website without opting in or purchasing? It’s all within 60 seconds.

Flo Panda Dashboard: This is what you are greeted with as soon as you login. We developed this to be straight to point.

Website Issues

The website issues page will identify form drop offs, click errors and click rage from visitors. The most exciting part of this section is that it’s detects problems on each of the former automatically.

We wanted to make it so that as soon as you login, you can select your website and up pops the dashboard with all of your worst converting pages for that site.

Each page has an ‘identify page issues’ button which you can click. This directs you to the Website Issues tab so you can then start to fix those pages to increase the conversion rate.

This process is exactly what we envisaged and exactly what we executed, from stunning UX – to simple organisation and filters to flick through.

Smile, you’re on Flo Panda!

Flo Panda has a recording feature, so you can watch how people are using your website, but with a bonus.

We wanted this CCTV feature implemented in a way that records all users when they go to every page, automatically!

Copy and paste your tracking code, and the tool logs all visitor behaviour from the second users land on your website – giving you a more detailed look than ever into what’s preventing them from converting into a customer.

We wanted you to take out ALL the guess work of how people interact with your website. These recordings will show you the website visitors’ every click, scroll, mouse movement and when they engage with the content on your website. There is also the ability to download and share recordings with people in your team.

Never mind the snapshots, here’s the heatmaps!

We bring you the hottest of heatmaps and scroll maps to give you the clearest overview of how people interact with your website.

Similar to the recordings feature, this tool allows you to see where people click, scroll, pay the most attention and where they are geographically located with any device they use on your website.

We felt this would be a very powerful weapon that allows you to optimise your pages to suit the exact needs of your website visitors. You can break down reports by the type of device a visitor is using, tags, the date range and much more.

READ: Flo Panda guide to heatmaps

This comprehensive approach allows you to have quick access to the information you need to make informed decisions and optimise your layouts.

So, that’s where they dropped off!

Flo Panda will show you clear outlines of where your forms are causing people to drop off. The tool will automatically locate your forms and set up drop off reports. There’s no need to do it manually like other CRO tools!

It’s effortless. Click on any form field and it will highlight the exact areas on your form that are causing the most drop-offs.

The visual aid helps you quickly identify where those people are dropping off your forms. This is automatically set up. Any page that has a form on it will display this without any manual set up.

LINK: Flo Panda guide on automatic forms

Another feature which sets Flo Panda apart from its competitors is that it can recognise and download partially filled forms from visitors, despite not completing the entire registration process.

We feel that this ability will be vital for any potential re-targeting campaign, so that you can identify areas of opportunity to then re-engage with those who do not convert and increase overall value capture.

If your opt-in process is made up of multiple steps, and the site visitor has provided you with their contact details, you can extract this data so you can re-engage with them. You must ensure the user has submitted their contact details and you are not spamming them by re-engaging with them.

Running PPC campaigns? you MUST use this feature

The Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) tags feature is one of the most powerful tools Flo Panda has to offer. This tool could allow you to take an entire market in a matter of SIX weeks from scratch.

You can quickly identify key words and phrases that were used in your Google AdWords campaigns that ONLY produced sales and discarding the rest.

The tool takes real time data and shows you areas where you can improve conversions, optimise Facebook and PPC marketing campaigns and re-engage with people who partially complete your opt-in and order forms.

The ability to increase your conversion rate using this feature is beyond belief.

See funnels drop offs

So, you might still think ‘why are people not converting into customers?’, well here is another way of giving you a better chance.

With Flo Panda, you can set up individual funnels from your website to track conversions on specific sales and lead generation processes. This allows you to break down the conversions of specific landing pages across your whole website with ease.

READ: Guide to setting up funnels

You can see exactly where site visitors are dropping off your sales and lead generation funnels, and with this – you can identify the steps showing high drop-off percentages – then access recordings, heatmaps, and issue logs to eliminate pain points.

We’ve got you covered!

No matter if you’re sat at your desk or out and about, Flo Panda is always looking after your website 24/7.

You can set up automated email and SMS notifications to your phone that will alert you to sudden changes in performance from form errors, render times, call to actions, and many more key indicators.

READ: Flo Panda guide to conversion rate notifications

So, you’re enjoying a drink down the local pub? Flo Panda will text you if your conversion rate has fallen below a certain percentage and give you the option to address the issues as they happen.

Completion and Results

It took 18 months of trials, testing and intricate attention to detail to end up creating, what we believe, is an absolute superpower in marketing.

Flo Panda has delivered not only success for a business, but also exceeded their expectations in increasing conversions.

“We doubled our conversion rate for e-signs from 32% to 65% within days of using Flo Panda! This enabled us to increase our traffic volumes to circa 25,000 leads per day, whilst reducing our lead cost 40%.”


Flo Panda is Google Ads now. This looks interesting.

Brian Torpie – CEO of J.Geeks

The thing is, you can have a great looking website that attracts people’s attention, but they won’t generate any profit if the customers are getting frustrated with your website.

That’s why we’ve come up with Flo Panda; so other companies marketing agencies can take advantage of the same platform we used to manage, track and optimise high volume marketing campaigns across various lead sources to ultimately develop you more conversions. It’s a marketer’s dream!