Website &Digital Platforms

At Genius, we create stunning and immersive digital platforms. Our design team produce only the most unique and exquisitely designed interfaces, of which ease and detail is at the heart of every functionality.

Digital strategies - User Experience (UX) designing

Real creative direction - Mobile responsive design - Front-end development

Branding &Advertising

Whatever the circumstance of a brand, whether it’s at the beginning or through our acquirement, we at Genius go above and beyond to deliver a brand’s main identity and understanding of its origin in order to give it a lease of life. Our passion for creativity is evident, meaning we are never monotonous – only bespoke in our approach.

  • Content Writing
  • Video production
  • Planning and Producing
  • Photography / image creation
  • Content strategy


Without back-end development, there is no website. At Genius, we deal in everything behind the scenes on a website. We build bespoke web systems and understand your goals, from architecture to storing data and how to interface systems securely between one another.

Our programming code is robust, tested, quality assured and passes the industry requirements to meet the highest standards.

Software Solutions

Bespoke / Robust CRM Systems - Database Design

Big Data - Analytics - AI - APIs - UI Design - Mobile Apps


The Genius Group (TGG) was born from leading multi-million-pound businesses who are the single largest lead generator in the claims management market. Our world-class lead generation team deliver the results that are needed. We use the latest technology to help your brand achieve traffic; leading to more sales and higher conversion rates.

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