Flo Panda

We’re a big lead generation company operating across several verticals, both B2C and B2B, and spending about £85,000 every day on paid media in order to provide thousands of leads to our clients.

Our marketing is on all day, every day.

With investment of this magnitude we always want to do optimise performance and have previously subscribed to several other tracking, recording and analysis solutions in recent years but we realised none of them really met our needs. They gave us results, but they tell us where to focus our efforts and what to optimise to either save cost or improve conversion and sales.

Flopanda diagnoses holes in your funnels it is the ultimate CRO Tool for pinpointing dropoffs and understanding user behaviour

The Approach

Flopanda was built as a tool that tells us exactly how different pages and assets we use are converting, alerting us when performance hits a certain level (good or bad), which prompts us to review and make changes to arrest declining performance or scale new opportunities across multiple websites we operate.

Usability was at the forefront of our designs; dashboards are easy and user friendly. Our interface allows our clients to see exactly how their site is converting. Instead of spending hours analysing, we can quickly focus time and effort on the big wins. FloPanda is genius….made by Genius!

“The team at Genius are exactly that. We thought our aspirations and needs might be hard to build but they understood the business benefits straight away and took us on a fascinating journey from business case and ideation right through successful user testing and launch. FloPanda helped us grow our business enormously in just a few short years, and now it’s so good that we’ve made it a business product that other online marketers can benefit from as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Genius to others who want to grow their online business.”

Mark Shephard, Director