Hydropool Surrey

Hydropool Surrey are a proud family-owned business selling the world’s first and only self-cleaning Hot Tubs and Swim Spas.

They allow you to customise over 200 variants of either self-cleaning or serenity Hot Tubs and make it bespoke to you. As local Hot Tub and Swim Spa experts, they were responsible for introducing the world renowned Hydropool brand from Canada to the UK back in 1996.

The passion for Hot Tubs and Swim Spas hadn’t diminished, and in 2019, the company decided to start Hydropool Surrey, an area that had previously not had any local showroom representation, to serve the London & South East areas with an unrivalled level of expertise.

Before launching Hydropool Surrey, they wanted to make it as simple as possible for the customer. By delving into extensive research into the market, testing and evaluating all the leading hot tub and swim spa brands that were available, the hard work is done for you! Hydropool remain convinced that they offer the best products available, drawing upon 30 years of specialist design and engineering experience, along with the unique self-cleaning technology.

Over 42 years of industry experience is providing the very best advice and customer service for those that are looking to invest in true luxury relaxation and wellbeing at home.


When we were first approached by Hydropool Surrey for this project, we knew the client needed something bespoke to match their product. This is where our team began with hours of extensive research into the deep end of hot tubs and swim spas.

We discovered that our client had something unique on the market – and that was the self-cleaning hot tub. From there, the team were certain that the site needed that extra special usability and look to reflect the exclusive products that are on sale.

Mobile Responsive

It’s quick and easy to use the desktop format, and it’s even easier to use Hydropool Surrey on a mobile interface. We wanted to ensure the unique selling point was front-of-house, split-seconds after your initial visit. The usability is simple, which allows customers to interact and engage with products as soon as they hit the home page, whilst allowing easy access to explore the site with a three-bar menu icon in the top right-hand corner.

We wanted to replicate and resonate with the passion that Hydropool Surrey have for their products, by building a brand and concept for the client that was reflective of that. We guided and helped the company achieve one-of-a-kind status in the hot tub and swim spas industry by incorporating a customisation feature, so that the customer can choose their model of tub, shell colour and cabinet colour – something which no other competitor offer. This gives you the ultimate bespoke experience at the tap of a mouse or in the palm of your hand.

The Design

We didn’t want a damp and washed out look. For this project, we acquired a fresh, clean and crisp sparkle for the website to quench the objective and theme of the company. Using blue, black, gold and other cooler colour schemes, we wanted a theme that reflected water, relaxation and extravagance combined into one.

We created a logo that spelled simple sophistication, in design terms. We had gold lines outlining a body alongside Two heads inside a circular whisper, which portrayed three people inside of a hot tub. To go with our light and crisp image, we implemented an extra-light font to use for the title to reflect the delicacy but bolding the word ‘pool’ to ensure the eye catches what the website is about.

The imagery needed to be relevant to the target audience, and by implementing a vibrant suitable image on the home screen to match with the company title, it gives instant recognition to what the company is about and reflects luxury to the organisation.

As you scroll, it was only suitable to give the interface a wave-look to match the theme of the site. Large backdropped images of the products behind their matching descriptions in white meant it added to the sophistication, but also easy on the eye.

“Thank you for all your efforts getting our brand to where we are today. The website is fantastic, and it’s a testament to you and your team’s skill, hard work, inspiration and dedication.”

Adrian Danson,
Hydropool Surrey Director