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For decades the legal profession has operated as a complex, closed arena, offering little open access to clients without substantial financial risk. Ingenious Legal’s ethos is to “Make Law Accessible” – to remove perceived barriers to entry through a mix of highly skilled legal professionals, industry-leading technology and cutting-edge services. Our operation is designed to ensure our clients are fully protected and supported in a straight forward process, utilising success-based billing to eliminate the risk of financial burden.

Logo / Brand Awareness

Website / Branding / Literature

Legal CRM

The Approach

Ingenious Legal is a collaboration of some of the best Lawyers and legal teams throughout the U.K. As an innovative and forward thinking company we built a brand that commanded trust, transparency and professionalism. Meeting the team it was clear the company was built upon a trusting and friendly ethos. Something they wished to emulate throughout the branding and design work.

Our Creation

We built a brand and concept for the client that resonated their ethos throughout. As a new company we able to bring new ideas to the team at Ingenious Legal and they were open to suggestions. Alongside a new logo and strategy for the company they also requested a CRM building through our internal development company genilegal® to manage their case management, work flows, increase productivity and provide an internal working system that manages all of this under one platform.

The Design

With a company name like ‘Ingenious Legal’ we knew we had a lot to live up to, we created a logo that was simple yet sophisticated and played with the typography. The colours needed to be synonymous with intelligence, trust, security, sophistication and formality. Our selection of blues and blacks held up to this and the palette can be see throughout the Logo, CRM and Website. The dark blue has a clean, graphic feel that works particularly well alongside pitch black and when contrasted with all white. The Website focused on the sophisticated and professional feel, we wanted the team at the heart of the website and as such they can be seen throughout the build . Imagery was key and with the team based in Manchester the images needed to reflect this, with an industrial yet modern twist we captured both the formality but approachable ethos of the company.

Legal CRM


Using our own genilegal® CRM systems we built a bespoke platform for Ingenious Legal incorporating their requirements as well as their own identity of colour branding and logos.

Genius quickly grasped the idea, understood the rationale and business benefit. They then facilitated everything from ideation, building the user interface, data integrations, doing thorough user testing, right through to successful business launch. Their skills and expertise transformed our business. Not only that, it’s been a pleasure to work you as you’re professional, efficient, and your people know their stuff.”

Samira Patel,
Ingenious Legal