Business Tax Claims

Research and Development tax reliefs are a little known government incentive for SMEs with less than 500 staff and a turnover below €100m or a balance sheet total under €86m.

The scheme is designed to boost innovation among UK companies and is administered by HMRC. The UK R&D regime is a mature scheme with companies able to claim since 2000. Any company who tries to better or overcome challenges in their products and processes may be able to claim relief for their R&D activities, including for staff costs of those working directly on the R&D project.

For small and medium enterprises, the R&D incentive comes in the form of tax relief on corporation tax. For larger companies, the incentive can either lower their tax bill or enable them to claim payable cash credits.

For small and medium-sized businesses relief is worth about 28p per £1 spent. Under the large company scheme it’s about 7p for every £1 spent.1

The average claim made by SMEs in the UK is £53,876 (2016-17). The average claim made by large companies in the UK is £272,881 (2016-17).2

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The Approach

We were thrilled to be working on this project for Shephard & Co, as a brand new company we wear able to approach the design with openness and ease.
We researched over 15 companies in the UK who specialised in the product and it became quickly apparent that this was a very unique product in the market.
Shephard & Co solely specialises in R&D and this made for a unique selling point. Information surrounding R&D is relatively limited and businesses across the UK have not heard of it, we had to take this into consideration and so design work had to be clean, informative and practical. We spent weeks learning and understanding the product.
Our insights into the processes involved allowed us to build and design completely from their clients perspective.
How they would access this information was at the forefront of our thinking. Above all we needed to encompass a feeling of trust and transparency throughout the design.

Mobile Responsive

BTC E Brochure

The Design

Using blues and greys throughout encompassed the feeling of trust that was so important to the client.

Imagery needed to be vibrant, but controlled whilst also reflecting the industries in which they were targeting.

Using a brightly coloured lightbulb helped tie this concept together. Information and processes was critical in the design, but we avoided a content heavy site and instead opted for an explainer video and a customised processes diagram that can be seen throughout the site.

An e-shot was created with an integrated explainer video and transitional information for ease of use for their clients. An event flyer and literature was also created for sales representatives and the styling was matched throughout.

“Thank you, Genius. You were fantastic in helping us get to marketing quickly and on time with a new dedicated website promoting our R&D tax incentive services. I highly recommended your services to others and will be maintaining our relationship on other projects.”

Mark Law, Project Manager ,
Hydropool Surrey Director